We opened for business through award-winning owner, Eddie Gossett in 2017.

North Star Flooring SALE is one of the most respected flooring companies in North Texas.

For over 5 years Northstar Flooring has been providing homeowners, builders, designers and architects with the very best flooring products available. At Northstar, we follow the latest trends to insure we have the most up-to-date stock on hand. Formerly Monster Flooring, Northstar offers whatever you need for your flooring project. We stock various hardwoods, laminate, tile, marble and more. 

At North Star Flooring Sale our goal is not to keep product moving. Rather, our goal is to build a relationship with our customers. We treat them as family. We will discuss all your options, provide samples for your project, and can assist with your project from your vision shared with us to installing the new look! 

We have high values for our team members and higher respect for our customers. Maybe you stubbled upon our website, but more often then not our traffic comes from family and friends sharing their great experience at North Star with their loved ones. How do you hear about us?