Laminate Flooring

Hickory Creek Mill Laminate Flooring Lifetime Residential Warranty (5 years for commercial usage) applies to the flooring structure and surface area. We guarantee that our laminate flooring will not wear through, fade or stain for as long as you own the product. Our warranty covers replacement cost only, and does not include any installation or labor costs required to remove the defective flooring. This warranty does not cover any chipping or excess wear and tear not generally incurred in a residential environment, warping due to excess moisture, or cupping due to inadequate expansion gaps around the periphery of the room in which the laminate floor was installed. Any claims for wear must demostrate a defective area of at least 2.8cm2.


This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the laminate flooring. In order to process a warranty claim, the original owner of the laminate flooring must submit, in writing, a description of the alleged defect or damage, a proof of purchase, proof that the product was installed properly according to the manufacturer's specifications, and/or according to the guidelines established by National Wood Flooring Association.


LVP Flooring

Hickory Creek Mill Laminate Flooring warrants that its resilient LVP (luxury vinyl plank flooring) products will be free from manufacturing defects for the length of time specified for the particular product (10/25/50 years for residential and 2.5/5/10 years for commercial.) This warranty further covers delaminating, loss of original pattern and color due to fading or wear, when the flooring is subject to normal use, provided the flooring covered by this warranty is installed and maintained according to the instructions included in the sold package. All floating product joints are warranted to be watertight.



Hardwood Flooring

Hickory Creek Mill Hardwood Floors are manufactured to the highest standards in the wood flooring industry and feature a Lifetime Structural Integrity Warranty that covers manufacturing defects including dimension, grading, assembly and delamination. Our products are warranted to the original purchaser only, and are subject to certain limitations, disclaimers and exclusions set forth herein.


We warrant the finish on all of our hardwood floors to the original purchaser for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of purchase when installed in residential settings. During the warranty period, Hickory Creek Mill agrees to repair or replace that part of the flooring which is found defective with product of the same pattern and quality, or another pattern of equal value at our sole discretion. Scratches, cuts or damages from impact are not covered by this warranty. It is possible that some hardwood floors may experience changes in color when exposed to light for extended periods of time. Color changes may be more dramatic in certain species. Large area rugs and furniture should be repositioned frequently to maintain an even coloration of the floor. Indentations may also occur in all wood flooring and are not considered a defect.


The following list provides an example of exclusions to our warranties:


  • Accidents, abuse or misuse
  • Excessive sunlight exposure
  • Improper maintenance and care
  • Building settling and/or uneven subfloor
  • Water damage or inadequate moisture barrier
  • Improper installation
  • Incidental damage, loss or expense other than the cost of Hickory Creek Mill Laminate Flooring that may arrise from defective flooring.